Russell Hobbs Mini Kitchen Multi SALE

Russell Hobbs Mini Kitchen Multi -Cooker with Hotplates 22780, 1600 W - Silver

Russell Hobbs Mini Kitchen Multi -Cooker with Hotplates 22780, 1600 W - Silver

Not as good as I hoped
This is a very neat little electric oven, just right for a small kitchen, or for a caravan - well at the least on the surface. I ordered it because these small ovens are much more economical and efficient for baking. You get two electric hobs - one large, one smaller, These heat up quickly, and respond to being turned up or down relatively fast too. The oven has a glass door that pulls downwards to reveal a wire rack and a baking tray with handle. Unfortunately there is no internal light, so monitoring the progress of whatever you are cooking is not easy. There are two sets of internal elements - the top for grilling, the bottom for keeping food hot, and both combine for cooking/baking. It did a good job of baking my cake, although you need to set the mechanical timer to activate the oven. Another downside is that you can not use the hobs whilst using the oven, and vice versa. I don't know whether that it normal with mini cookers, but it means you are unable to cook an entire meal at...
Product Features

  • Multi-function electric compact cooker with hotplates for roasting, baking, grilling, frying and boiling
  • Thermostatic controls 60-230 degrees Celsius
  • Double hotplate with variable temperature settings
  • Fan assisted main oven 1600 W
  • Includes baking tray and grilling rack with handle

Product descriptions
Description : Russell Hobbs Mini Kitchen 22780 Are you pressed for space but love to cook and bake? The 22780 Mini Kitchen from Russell Hobbs is the handy, space saving appliance you've been waiting for! This compact, convenient and versatile Mini Kitchen is ideal for roasting, baking, boiling, frying and grilling to perfection. Whether you're thinking of using the Mini Kitchen as a main oven, in a second home, caravan or boat it has a sufficient 30 litre internal capacity, which allows the appliance to be neatly stored whilst still giving you enough volume for all of your cooking needs. Its compact size allows the oven to be placed almost anywhere, so if you find bending down to reach into conventional ovens a struggle, don't worry as you can easily sit the Classics Mini Oven neatly on the kitchen work surface

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