PK Green 40cm Mood Cube Promo Offer

PK Green 40cm Mood Cube Stool LED Light - Garden Party Event Decoration

PK Green 40cm Mood Cube Stool LED Light - Garden Party Event Decoration

needs better firmware for managing transition speeds
Great, as expected. Sturdy and feels like it will last a while.

Only gripe is that the fade mode that fades between all the colours is way way way too fast. Takes 10 seconds on its normal setting and can be slowed down (awkwardly) by holding the 'dimmer' button. If you manage to do it correctly it operates on a 20 second cycle but then there is a terrible 'flicker' between each colour.

Usually just have it on a single colour at night as the fast transition is just too distracting whilst in the lounge etc.

Product Features

  • Premium PK Green 40cm LED cube light with remote control
  • Durable, high quality finish: can even sit on it or use it as a coffee table
  • You can set the light to a static colour or gradual colour changing mode
  • Built-in rechargeable battery - charge by mains power (mains plug included)
  • Battery will last up to 8 hours continuously on full charge

Product descriptions
Description : Add a spark of colourful festive into your home with the 40cm cube mood light. Rechargeable and durable, it's the perfect piece of light up furniture to transform your home and garden into a bright party life. It's versatile options allow the sturdy sensory light cube to become a table and stool. With its bright, gradually colour changing LED light, the rechargeable mood cube is guaranteed to be a striking talking point in your home and among your guests.Would you rather set a particular mood for an event or party? No problem. You can set the mood light to stay on the colour of your choice - and the remote control allows you to choose from 16 different colours.With battery power, place your portable LED cube in a range of places to keep changing up your garden and indoors. Lasting up a full 8 hours with a built-in internal battery, don't worry about the light going out on you. Keep the statment party cube glowing by connecting to the mains with the included plug. Specifications - Heigh...

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