Philips HR7762/91 Compact 3-in-1 Food Promo Offer

Philips HR7762/91 Compact 3-in-1 Food Processor, 750 W - Black

Philips HR7762/91 Compact 3-in-1 Food Processor, 750 W - Black

Great processor
I must have spent days reading reviews about food processors, and - on balance - I decided to go for this particular model (albeit with some trepidation, to be honest). The reason for my anxiety and confusion was that food processors seem to divide opinions like nothing else (apart form football, politics and - maybe - religion). Most Amazon reviewers did seem to really like this product and so I thought I would go with the flow and ignore the rather long list of 1 star reviews.

So far I'm pretty pleased with my choice. It arrived nice and promptly at about 10am and by lunchtime I had had such a good play with it that I wished it was tea-time already so I could try something else. It is so easy to use - I know that some reviews bemoan the instruction manual and, to be honest I can see why - but I really don't think you need a manual. It is very intuitive to use and pretty fail-safe, too (I am currently writing this review with all my fingers intact!)

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Product Features

  • Powerful 750 W processing
  • Accessories for 28+ functions
  • Colour coded accessories and speeds
  • Easy assembly and dishwasher safe accessories
  • Accessory storage included

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