Buffalo 4 Slice Toaster 225X370X210mm Promo Offer

Buffalo 4 Slice Toaster 225X370X210mm Stainless Steel Catering Kitchen

Buffalo 4 Slice Toaster 225X370X210mm Stainless Steel Catering Kitchen

Generally Good
Generally a good toaster but toast in slot number one (that is the one on the furthest right) is lightly toasted on one side compared to the other, all other slots toast the bread evenly on both sides. The operating instructions could make the two/four slot operation a bit easier by highlighting the fact that the red light is also the two/four slot switch rather than concentrating on the six slot model. If slot number one worked better I would have given this a four or five star rating.

Product Features

  • Energy efficient thanks to adjustable slot selection
  • CC005

Product descriptions
Description : A robust, stainless steel 4 slice toaster from Buffalo, designed for commercial use, making it ideal for a busy catering kitchen. The toaster is simple to use, with an adjustable slot selection allowing just the slots needed to heat up and a timer to ensure bread is browned to perfection. The removable crumb tray catches any excess pieces of bread or crumbs, avoiding build up inside the machine which could short-out the heating elements, therefore keeping the toaster as safe as possible to operate. CB432

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