Zoobles Mamas and Zooblings Figures On Sale

Zoobles Mamas and Zooblings Figures (9362457)

Zoobles Mamas and Zooblings Figures (9362457)

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Description : These Zoobles have a special surprise.
When Mama springs to life she reveals her cute baby Zoobling!
The Mama Zooble is bigger than most other Zoobles and can hold her baby inside her belly.
Their shared happitat comes with a hotspot for both of them to rest and play.
When not safely in her mother's belly, the baby Zoobling likes to rest in the happitat's cradle where it's comfortable and warm .
With a Mama and Baby Zoobling the whole family springs to life!
Colours may vary.
Styles may vary.
Size H20.32, W15.24, D7.62cm.
For ages 4 years and over.

Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

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