Redilamp Rechargeable Cordless Table Lamp On Sale

Redilamp Rechargeable Cordless Table Lamp White - Beige Cube Shade

Redilamp Rechargeable Cordless Table Lamp White - Beige Cube Shade

Versatile, practical, attractive.
I've had one of these lamps for almost two months, and it's proved to be extremely useful. With its neat size and attractive modern design, it fits well into small spaces, and with no wires, you can carry it from one room to another. It could also be used in dark corners, where there's no power point handy. It's useful on the bedside table, particularly in case of power cuts during the night - and as it's sturdily built, it's unlikely to be knocked over. On the dim setting, it has a soft gentle light, and on the strongest one, it's bright enough to read by. Really unusual, and a lovely little lamp - and very economical.

Product Features

  • Handmade from high quality ceramics and stainless steel
  • 12 hours light on brightest setting - 1 week on lowest level
  • Touch switch - 4 brightness levels
  • Smart charger included
  • High efficiency LED - equivalent to 25W incandescent

Product descriptions
Description : Enjoy the freedom and safety of cordless lighting anywhere!
Redilamps are used in hotels, restaurants and homes all over Europe as decorative table lamps, nursery and children's night lights, bedside lamps and outdoors as you enjoy Al Fresco dining. You can use your Redilamp just about anywhere! With four different light settings, you are able to chose the level of brightness with one simple touch.
An expanding range of shade colours and styles make Redilamps at home with any décor and there's no need to worry about extension cables trailing everywhere.
Redilamp rechargeable cordless lamps are manufactured from high quality ceramics and stainless steel. Lamps are supplied with the shade of your choice although the standard E14 fitting enables any suitable shade to be used.
The high efficiency LED bulb emits very little heat and has a lifetime of over 15 years. The 2500mAh NiMH rechargeable battery gives up to 168 hours of continuous light.
Guarantee - 2 years including Led b...

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