Chasseur Cast Iron 30cm, 3.0ltr SALE

Chasseur Cast Iron 30cm, 3.0ltr Flame Serving Casserole

Chasseur Cast Iron 30cm, 3.0ltr Flame Serving Casserole

Serve in style!
Shallow SERVING casserole dish with lid, from CHASSEUR.

Approx. Diameter - 30 cm
Approx. Capacity - 3L

The shallow but wide base of this versatile dish allows maximum contact between the food and the heat and even heat retention allows cooking efficiency at low or medium temperatures, therefore conserving energy and keeping fuel bills lower.
Ideal for those recipes that slowly simmer in a sauce!

Sturdily boxed, comes complete with a handy little CHASSEUR care booklet, which includes a recipe idea for each product range.
Available in a choice of colours, and suitable for all heat sources. Knob tolerant of oven temperatures up to 200°C and comfortable side handles aid easy and balanced lifting but don't forget your oven gloves.

Reasonably easy to wash up by hand although some soaking may be required to shift some of those more...
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