Heatwave Gazebo Heater Get Rabate

Heatwave Gazebo Heater

Heatwave Gazebo Heater

Unit looks good rather like a spaceship
My worries about it being too hot and damaging my gazebo roof were unfounded. I needed the ceiling mount as I have no central pole extension my gazebo being supported at the 4 corners. Photo here is of one fitted to a parasol. Unit looks good rather like a spaceship! and now no patio heater to obscure our view across the table when talking to guests is brilliant. Is it warm enough? Well we have curtains to our gazebo and we were all warm enough at end of May. Those who are brave enough to wear less (i.e. leave their fleeces and glove off may actually feel the heat more!). I am very pleased with the unit and feel I have made a good choice.

Product Features

  • This single heatwave gazebo heater has effective heat from the moment the switch is flicked.
  • Heaters - 4 x 500w, Fuse - 13a
  • supplied with 10m lead, Fits pole size - 25-55mm
  • Heat output - 2kw
  • Free 48hr Despatch

Product descriptions
Description : This single gazebo heater covers the 3 E's. Efficient, Effective and Economic. The heater only heats up people and not the air in front of the person, therefore being more efficient. There is also no heat lost to wind, making it very effective. You can also count on it being economic because it costs less than 14 pence an hour to run! (Based on electricity costs of 7p/Km hour) It gets instant heat, has a double switch which enables 2 or 4 lights to be turned on/off and includes a full one year warranty.

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