Chasseur Cast Iron 26cm, 5.0ltr Big SALE

Chasseur Cast Iron 26cm, 5.0ltr Round Flame Casserole

Chasseur Cast Iron 26cm, 5.0ltr Round Flame Casserole

Diameter : 26 cm
Approximate Maximum Capacity : 5L
10 year guarantee.
Sturdily boxed, this super casserole dish comes complete with the 'Chasseur ribbon of authenticity', and a handy little 'Chasseur' usage/care booklet, which includes a recipe idea for each product range.

My favourite recipe in this 'pot' is a hand-me-down, 'Guinness and Beef' casserole, starting off on the hob and transferring to the oven. Even heat distribution and heat retention means that much less energy is used whilst cooking, so highly economical, too.

Suitable for all heat sources.

Relatively easy to wash up by hand, usually requiring a little soaking and a rub with a nylon brush for the more stubborn baked-on food remains.
Dishwasher safe.

Other colours available.

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