Vax VRS20W Powermax Carpet Washer, Big Discount

Vax VRS20W Powermax Carpet Washer, 1000 W - Grey

Vax VRS20W Powermax Carpet Washer, 1000 W - Grey

Product Features

  • Powerful 1000W for a rapid and thorough clean with every use
  • Generous 4.5 litre clean water tank and 3 litre dirty water tank for visibly cleaner results
  • Powered water jets and rotating brush bar for deeper cleaning into your carpets
  • Elongated 8 metre power cord and 473ml Ultra+ Solution for a sparkling clean
  • Sturdy 10kg design for enhanced durability

Product descriptions
Description : 1000W Clean water capacity: 4.5 Litre Dirty water capacity: 3 Litre Dual V technology - your carpets dry quicker Powered water jets - for deeper cleaning Rotating brush bar - agitates carpet pile to lift embedded dirt Cleaning width: 33cm 8m Power cord Accessories: 473ml Ultra+ Solution Weight: 10kg

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