Unold Top Edition Bread Maker, Discount !!

Unold Top Edition Bread Maker, 1.2 kg, 615 W, Stainless Steel/Black

Unold Top Edition Bread Maker, 1.2 kg, 615 W, Stainless Steel/Black

A good breadmaker but ...
I bought this machine in 2010 which means that it has had a good testing. For the first eighteen months I used it to finish the bread and it performed very well, but there was always a hole in the bottom of the loaf if I did that (all bread-makers have this disadvantage)and I always got a tall loaf and so I now use it purely for kneading. This is much more satisfactory for me because the shape of a loaf and the baking temperature make a great deal of difference to the end result.

To sum up: this is a very good and inexpensive bread-maker and I am very happy with it. However after three years of regular use, the paddle has 'frozen' onto the spindle and the bearing for the spindle is badly worn so I enquired from the company that is listed as supplying spares (Orlano UK) what the cost of replacing both would be. Two e-mails got no response at all and an enquiry via Amazon got the reply from the company that "It is impossible". No explanation or suggestions and no apology for...
Product Features

  • For breads of 750 - 1200 g
  • 11 programmes plus 1 individually adjustable
  • Automatic keep-warm function
  • Timer
  • Bread pan and kneader with Fusion ceramic coating

Product descriptions
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