Power Pressure Cooker XL As Discount !!

Power Pressure Cooker XL As Seen on TV Create Delicious Meals 10 Times Faster, 5 Litre

Power Pressure Cooker XL As Seen on TV Create Delicious Meals 10 Times Faster, 5 Litre

Dreadful Cooker and Defintely Not Non Stick
I own a slow cooker which I love and use at least 2 or 3 times a week however there are occasions when a meal needs to be prepared quickly and so after reading all the rave reviews and watching it demonstrated on television I thought that this Pressure Cooker seemed the perfect solution. Personally I didnt find the operating instructions all that easy to use but after about 20 mins got it going to pressure cook some minced beef . I was dissapointed to see that despite following the instructions to the letter the meat had not cooked through and was stuck firmly to the honeycombed pattern supposedly non stick steel pan, another 10 mins in the cooker completed the cooking of the meat but I was now left with a messy pan that despite numerous soakings, runs through the dishwasher and hand washing still has a stained and dirty looking interior after only one use. Undeterred I gave it another shot using a recipie from the pamphlet style recipie book that came with it, I chose a chicken leg...
Product Features

  • Infuses meat without added fats
  • Locks in nutrients and flavour
  • Cooks up to 70% faster than a conventional oven
  • Save time and energy
  • One touch preset buttons

Product descriptions
Description : This amazing 1000W push-button kitchen miracle lets you prepare succulent, perfectly cooked meals in a fraction of the time. The secret is the airtight lid that locks into place, trapping steam inside and keeping food moist with intense flavour and nutrients. The one-touch push button functions include: delay timer, soup & stew, slow cook, rice & risotto, beans & lentils, fish & vegetable steam, chicken & meat options. The Power Pressure Cooker XL has a large 5 litre capacity, and you can even use it to can and preserve fruits, vegetables, jams, relishes and chutneys - we've also included a handy guide book on canning and preserving to help you. After use, cleaning your cooker couldn't be easier; just drop the removable insert into the dishwasher.

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