Mathmos Space Projector with 'You On Sale

Mathmos Space Projector with 'You Will Never Walk Alone' Graphic Wheel, Black

Mathmos Space Projector with 'You Will Never Walk Alone' Graphic Wheel, Black

Beautiful psychedelia illumination
My fiancee had been asking for one of these since we met and I thought you could only get them from retro shops or off eBay which was always dead over priced- from amazon they are even cheaper than from the mathmos shop. Endless hours of swirling colours or graphics really light up a room and create a mood, perfect for parties or chill out time.

Product Features

  • Projects a moving image of up to 1.5m / 3 ft in diameter onto walls or ceilings
  • Graphic pack 'You'll Never Walk Alone' included
  • A perfect ambient night light for relaxation / for home and small public space
  • A wide range of other effects are available to buy separately, very easy to set up and use
  • Made by Mathmos the inventors of the lava lamp

Product descriptions
Description : Load a graphic pack in to the side of the Space Projector. Use the focus ring on the projector to focus the image on the desired wall/celing. The graphic pack turns within the projector creating a continuously spinning graphic effect on the wall/ceiling. Each projector comes with a limited edition graphic pack of your choice which includes the acid etched graphic wheel and 4 colour slides. Each edition is limited to 900 numbered products. Replacement parts, incuding bulbs, are available from Mathmos on an ongoing basis.

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