Cibi Single Blade Runner Glass On Sale

Cibi Single Blade Runner Glass (Twin Pack) 22cl

Cibi Single Blade Runner Glass (Twin Pack) 22cl

Truly awesome whisky glasses
You think you are geek? Like old sci-fi? Fan of Blade Runner? Enjoy the different tastes of whisky? If you answered yes, these glasses are definitely for you. Even if your just a big whisky fan these hand made glasses are truly awesome and worth the money. I got the 22cl version and those are perfect size for sipping your favorite malt!

Product Features

  • Cibi Crystal Glass
  • Size: 22cl
  • Italian Crystal
  • Gift Packaging
  • Manufactured in Italy

Product descriptions
Description : As used by Deckard in the cult 80's sci-fi movie Blade Runner, while drinking Johnny Walker Black label of course. Manufactured by the original company in Italy and designed by Cini Boeri in 1973. This is a Twin Pack which includes gift packaging and certificate of authencity. Measurements for individual glass - Height 8.6cm, Width 7.2cm

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