ADAX VP11 Thermostatic Panel Heater, Big Discount

ADAX VP11 Thermostatic Panel Heater, 2000 W, White

ADAX VP11 Thermostatic Panel Heater, 2000 W, White

Change of heart!!!
After having this heater fitted by a professional electrician in my kitchen, I would recommend this heater highly. Although at first I thought it was not giving off enough heat I have come home today to a lovely warm kitchen and actually had to turn setting down. Unfortunately though, because of short cable I had to have a new socket fitted but overall am now very happy with the look and heat of this slimline heater.

Product Features

  • Slim line wall mounted electric convector panel heater
  • Fast, efficient heating from this silent convector heater
  • Fully insulated Class 2 appliance
  • Designed to be easy to install with a well thought out bracket system.
  • Mechanical thermostat and on/off controls on all versions

Product descriptions

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