20 x GLANOL Wenol metal Get Rabate

20 x GLANOL Wenol metal polish, 20 x 100ml tubes

20 x GLANOL Wenol metal polish, 20 x 100ml tubes

Wenol polish
Great to have this product again, used for a number of years and would recommend to anyone wanting to clean metal well,

Product Features

  • Wenol Metal Polish for most metals!
  • Make metals shine like new!
  • Prevent against rust and corrosion.
  • Cleans and Polishes; Brass, Copper, Silver, Gold, Stainless Steel, Chrome etc.

Product descriptions
Description : Wenol metal polish (red) is legendary in the detailing industry for the way it powers through tough oxidation, discolouration, acid rain spots and surface rust. Any polishable metal (not coated) will sparkle after using Wenol Red. Wenol Red works where other metal polishes fall short. Use it on brass, copper, blank aluminium, chequer plate, silver and more! Any blank metal surface will shine like new after using Wenol Red. The polish chemically removes tarnish, stains, and rust without attacking the metal underneath. Wenol Red contains no abrasives so it won't scratch the metal as it cleans. In addition to powerful cleaning, Wenol Red leaves a clear coating of protection on treated metal that resists water, rust, and tarnishing for weeks. This coating maintains the crisp shine of just-polished metal without attracting dust or smudging. To remove surface rust, apply a small amount of Wenol and allow it to set for ½ hour. Then apply a small amount of polish and briskly rub the rusted ar...

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