Greyhound Dog Coat Waterproof Maroon Discount !!

Greyhound Dog Coat Waterproof Maroon Padded Lining 30"

Greyhound Dog Coat Waterproof Maroon Padded Lining 30

nice and toasty
Although we bought this coat a few months ago it has only just had it's first outing - to a funeral! Alfie had just had a small op and, not wanting to leave him alone to eat his stiches and not wanting him to freeze in the church, we dressed him up in his coat. Whilst all the humans in church shivered, Alf was nice and toasty and dry after his walk there in the rain. Some people even put their hands inside his coat to warm themselves up as he was positively glowing! The legs elastic meant that even when he lay down during the service the coat stayed in place. And the colour goes with his new Mellow Moon collar that was custom made for him now that he is 'filling out' after leaving greyhound rescue. I would recommend this coat to all 'delicate little souls' who feel the cold.

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Description : The Outhwaite Greyhound Padded Dog Coat has been specifically designed to for greyhounds and whippets, to fit their unique shape. Adjustable nylon straps make it easy to use, and help to ensure the perfect fit whilst high quality padding protects dogs from cold and windy weather. The dog coat is waterproof, keeping pets warm and dry during wet weather, ideal for winter months. Size: 30

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