Kitchen Runner - 9 sizes On Sale

Kitchen Runner - 9 sizes available - Anthracite - 6x1500cm

Kitchen Runner - 9 sizes available - Anthracite - 6x1500cm

Product Features

  • 9 different sizes to choose from
  • Light resistant colours to prevent fading
  • Non slip backing, also suitable for underfloor heating
  • Approx. 7mm thick
  • Weight approx. 1150g / m²

Product descriptions
Description : A good value, practical kitchen runner, available in a range of colours and sizes. This mat is an ideal addition to your home kitchen. It adds warmth to a cold hard kitchen floor and provides a comfortable surface on which to stand when preparing and cooking meals. The mat is a perfect partner for your kitchen floor, with a non-slip, hard wearing, structured surface which feels good underfoot. Good value kitchen runner Combines comfort with practicality Hard wearing and robust Easy to clean Available in 9 different lengths and with a range of modern colours to choose from, there is something to suit all needs and styles of décor. The mat is very easy to maintain, needing only regular cleaning with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner to keep it fresh. In addition, light resistant colours that won’t fade in sunlight, mean you can keep your mat looking as good as new for longer. With safety always a top priority in the kitchen, these mats are designed to minimise the risk of trips and fal...

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