Jessie Steele Cherries Cupcake Audrey Promo Offer

Jessie Steele Cherries Cupcake Audrey Apron

Jessie Steele Cherries Cupcake Audrey Apron

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I saw Jessie Steele's aprons for the first time on SATC 2, and I love it. When I was in Japan last year it was in a mall, but the price was too much, so when I read about the one I bought I thought it was a special price and I must have it!

Product Features

  • Fun and flirty cupcake design
  • Non-toxic EVA coated breathable cotton
  • Waist pockets with flaps, adjustable length neck strap
  • Bow details at chest and pockets
  • 30" x 27"

Product descriptions
Description : This Jessie Steele Cupcake Apron is an adorable addition for any at home chef. Its fun and flirty cupcake design adds a refreshing feminine touch. This apron is made with non-toxic EVA coated breathable cotton, which is waterproof and virtually stain proof. It also features waist pockets with flaps to help keep messes out, adjustable length neck strap, and bow details at chest and pockets. Measures 30" x 27"

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