Everlands 683669 Vancouver Pine Polyethylene/Polyvinyl Chloride Big SALE

Everlands 683669 Vancouver Pine Polyethylene/Polyvinyl Chloride Mix H

Everlands 683669 Vancouver Pine Polyethylene/Polyvinyl Chloride Mix H

Large well filled out Christmas Tree
This arrived so prompt. two days I think after ordering. It arrived boxed well and undamaged. We have a branch section missing sadly. A blue coded one. So there is a gap which may cause us to return if not replaced. We will definitely keep it if its replaced. The tree could be more realistically green like the picture as its lighter than the picture. Sadly the photos of the tree branches deceive and its only the ends on on one little section of each branch that has a lighter green to break up monotony of darker green. And the hard pvc needle section is only 3 of these little branches on the end of the branch so mainly the tree is soft pvc needles. Its not a paper type though it still is a plastic/nylon style feel tree.The detail within is good, the branches are all brown inside covering the wire, and the trunk has a nice greeny brown covering I like, although some of them are unravelling and need attention, or will completely unravel. The shape is very similar to the pic once...
Product Features

  • Hook on branches
  • Realistic looking branches
  • Sturdy metal base
  • 7ft in total height
  • 51in at the widest point

Product descriptions
Description : A perfect tree for any home, available in 4 best selling sizes A quality Christmas tree which is made by Kaemingk, one of the biggest suppliers of Christmas items in Europe. The lovely soft Emerald green colour of this quality Christmas tree is the perfect backdrop for your choice of Christmas decorations. Fast tracked deliveryBrand new stock, sent from the UK

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