Ethanol Fireplace Model Sahara - SALE

Ethanol Fireplace Model Sahara - Choose from 5 colors (Red)

Ethanol Fireplace Model Sahara - Choose from 5 colors (Red)

Product Features

  • Bio Ethanol Fire Place Model Sahara
  • Width: 60cm, Height: 42cm, Depth: 21cm, Weight: 9kg
  • Material: powder-coated metal
  • 1 Adjustable stainless-steel burner
  • Made in Germany

Product descriptions
Description : Width: 60cm, height 42cm, depth: 21 cm
Material: Stainlees Steel
Weight: 9 Kg
Adjustable stainless steel burner

Including following accessories:
- 1 Adjustable stainless steel burner (1 liter) filled with ceramic wool for ethanol-saving and even flame-image
- 1 set of wall mounting
- Wall-Standoffs are already mounted on the fireplace

Burn time on low heat for about 6 hours.

Advantages, features:
- Easy to use, safe operation
- Fully assembled, only hang up
- Operating with fuel gel or bio-ethanol
- Real fire, smoke free, no odors or fumes, no sparks, no ash
- Neither soot nor dirt, environmentally friendly fuel (bio-ethanol or fuel-gel)
- No heat loss through the flue of a chimney shaft, fuel efficiency, maintenance-free, no cleaning required
- Finally, a real fire feeling in any home
- No time-consuming assembly work, no tests or approvals
- Easy + clean solution for licensing-free chimney-pleasure
- Heating capacity is about 3.5 Kw

Color selection:
We offer 5 colors available: B...

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