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EarthCroc Luxury Racing Gaming Chairs With Nylon Base And Adjustable Armrest (Orange Striped)

EarthCroc Luxury Racing Gaming Chairs With Nylon Base And Adjustable Armrest (Orange Striped)

Good looking chair but higher quality would be nice
I've had this chair for a couple of months now. It took two people and around 20 minutes to assemble
The delivery was quite fast (within 4 days).


Solid design with the chair, Can rest head on back (I'm 5'8).
The casters are quite smooth (I'm on a wooden floor)

The faux leather seems quite weak. It doesn't seem to tear up from normal sitting but as soon as I touch it to the corners of the desk it will tear. In comparison to my old chair which could take a beating this is much weaker.

The chair also has a bit of play, It rocks left to right, forward and back isn't really suitable for gaming for long periods of times as you need to lie back on the rest, at this point you're facing slightly upwards and that isn't good for gaming or any other office work.

One thing that would make it better is for it to be able to lock in a tilted position instead of being permanently unlocked and swinging...
Product Features

  • Each chair has the ability to change height from high to low.
  • You can also tilt your chair back very far.
  • EarthCroc chairs are extremely comfy coming in different designs and unique materials for added quality.
  • Our racing chairs are surprisingly more comfy than sitting on a typical swivel chair with padding because of the ergonomic in-built structure that gives you a good posture for your back allowing you to sit on it for long periods at a time.
  • These chairs are perfect for work at the office as well as long endurance gamers for teens and adults alike.

Product descriptions
Description : A HUGE PROPORTION OF CHAIRS ARE SOLD ILLEGALLY. If your chair has not got labels firmly attached including details of the company you bought it from, it is likely that the chair has been made with poisonous materials which can lead to death in fires. Please check your chairs now and we recommend that you throw away any fabricated chairs without labels. Our chairs have been tested in accordance with the UK Fire Safety standards. They have been approved by fire safety specialists. 1.mesh 2.PP padded armrest 3.Locking-tilt mechanism 4.80mm class 2 gaslift 5.Steel base 6.Nylon castor 7. Earthcroc Logo on back. 1.Product size: 65*65*115-123cm 2.Packing size: 78*33*64cm 3.Package:1pc/carton 4.Package weight: 17.5KG

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