Disklok Steering Wheel Full Cover Big SALE

Disklok Steering Wheel Full Cover Security Lock Thatcham Approved (Medium, 39cm - 41.5cm)

Disklok Steering Wheel Full Cover Security Lock Thatcham Approved (Medium, 39cm - 41.5cm)

If its on my car & not yours, who's will they go for?
I brought this for my VW Passatt estate, this is my second one. After a few times of putting this on / off you will get the hang of it. This protects the whole of the steering wheel, other locks they can just cut the steering wheel within seconds and take the lock off. Car thieves (scum) are going to make a lot of noise trying to get this off (power tools) and that's not what they want when your car is on your driveway / car park.
If they really want your car they will take it, but with an alarm, immobiliser & one of these it's all you can do. Don't bother buying a lock for £30 / £50 you are just wasting your money (look it up on you tube).

Product Features

  • Solid Hardened Steel Construction
  • Spins on the Steering Wheel to Prevent Steering
  • Fits Most Wheels with Diameters of 39cm - 41.5cm
  • Comes with 3 Keys (Replacements Available)
  • 12 Month Product Guarantee Only From Festive Lights

Product descriptions
Description : The full cover Disklok prevents the steering-wheel from being cut when under attack in order to remove the security lock. A fitted Disklok prevents the theft of expensive steering-wheel mounted Air Bags Disklok steering wheel locks have the longest lasting proven attack time, when compared with any other similar product. The Disklok weighs 5.0 kilos (medium), which at first may appear to be a little heavy, but its ease of fitting and simplicity with its folding handle for compact storage all add to the quality of such a proven steering-wheel lock for your vehicle . Its strength and unique qualities make it one of the most popular products of its kind when it comes to choosing car security. Protective inner ring of a velvet style fabric to avoid damage to the steering-wheel. Each Disklok comes with 3 operating keys. Replacement keys may be purchased on request. Full information is available in the instruction leaflet. 24 hour helpline for assistance in an emergency.

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