Cottonfresh Fully Enclosed Natural Cotton Discount !!

Cottonfresh Fully Enclosed Natural Cotton Duvet Cover -King- 265 x 200 cm

Cottonfresh Fully Enclosed Natural Cotton Duvet Cover -King- 265 x 200 cm

Seems to work well
Colour is a little odd (but did know in advance from photo etc) and was worried the colour might show through a plain white/cotton duvet cover, but does not seem to - so all good on that front.

Bought a new duvet to use with this product and start from scratch, hoping to keep the new duvet as mite free as possible etc. Fingers crossed, but so far, all seems very good, but I guess time will tell. The product is easy to fit and zip encasement works well although the overall fit seems a little loose, seeing as we bought 'king' for our 'king' duvet (not sure if there is a mismatch in 'standard' size here!) and the looseness is then amplified by then putting a normal duvet cover over it. It is also a little noisier than just a normal duvet/cover, but that is too be expected given the construction/protection, and we haven't found the extra rustle sound to be a problem, so far....!

We now have the mattress covered in a zip-lock/encasement and the feather/down pillows...
Product Features

  • Fabric: 100% unbleached un-dyed cotton without plastic backing
  • Total Enclosure - Fully Zipped
  • Wash at 60 degrees to keep hypoallergenic or at 90 degrees to sterilise
  • Tumble Dry: Hot
  • 10 Years Guarantee Colour: Soft Natural

Product descriptions
Description : The "Cottonfresh" bedding range brought to you by Purel-PureLifestyleWonders are unbleached, chemical-free, 100% natural and fully zipped to offer supreme bedtime comfort. If you suffer from eczema and dust mite allergies, and are looking for a range of anti- allergy bedding that offers the best sleeping comfort, then these anti- allergy covers are a must! The specially woven cotton tested by the BTTG laboratories in Manchester and the Medical Entomology Centre at the University of Cambridge, are specially woven with a high thread count to produce a tight weave which allows the fabric to become impenetrable by those dreaded dust mites, and more importantly by their even tinier allergen-containing droppings! The Cottonfresh anti-allergy bedding range also comes with the Eco-Tex guarantee of textile purity making these the ideal choice for those of you that suffer with chemical sensitivity, asthma and dustmite related allergies. Not suffering from any allergies, the Cottonfresh bedding c...

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