Suunto Sports Tracker HRM2 Heart Get Rabate

Suunto Sports Tracker HRM2 Heart Rate Sensor

Suunto Sports Tracker HRM2 Heart Rate Sensor

Product Features

  • Compact and Comfortable Fit; USB Charger Included; Great for Losing Weight and Getting Stronger;
  • Helps in Reaching Fitness Goals; Accurate Real Time Heart Rate Measurement; One-year Warranty;
  • Reliable and Extended Bluetooth Connection Range of Up to 20 Meters;
  • Includes Lightweight and Rechargeable Battery that Lasts for Up to 40 Hours of Use;
  • Sports Tracker HRM2 Connects to Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 8 via Sports Tracker's app;

Product descriptions
Description : Designed to help achieve all your fitness and health objectives, compatible with Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone via award winning Sports Tracker's app, the Suunto Sports Tracker HRH2 heart rate sensor is a great choice to efficiently train, burn calories as well as build strength and endurance. The device offers accurate heart rate measurement in real time in a reliable manner due to extended connection via Bluetooth. Furthermore, it comes with a long life battery which lasts up to forty hours of non-stop use, plus you can recharge it with conveniently supplied USB charger. The device arrives also with quality textile comfortable strap providing great support and fit.

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