Kärcher Telescopic Jet Pipe Get Rabate

Kärcher Telescopic Jet Pipe

Kärcher Telescopic Jet Pipe

Poor karcher product
I was disappointed with the quality of the tube which is unusual for a german product and should be better on a £100 tube set. On first use the top section bent and would not fully retract. There is no way of adjusting the spray pressure and the pressure just pulls the spray away from the item you are cleaning. Although you can add other Karcher accessories to the unit DON'T as it makes it unwieldly and can bend the pipe.
A waste of money

Product Features

  • Cleans the difficult to reach outisde areas.
  • The lance extends from 1.2-4m fully extended
  • Convenient shoulder strap for stability
  • Other accessories can be attached
  • Compatible with Kärcher pressure washers with bayonet fitting

Product descriptions

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