Grounding Sheet by Tecknobag (200cms Big SALE

Grounding Sheet by Tecknobag (200cms x 150cms) Fits All Bed Sizes

Grounding Sheet by Tecknobag (200cms x 150cms) Fits All Bed Sizes

Love my sheet.
Absolutely love my sheet and wouldn't be without it now. Although I have no health conditions and it doesn't especially help me sleep more soundly, I do feel significantly more refreshed upon waking and feel I have a smoother day. It also feels lovely to lie on due to the earthing effects. The more bare skin contact the better. After purchasing, I recommended it so several friends and family members. So far 6 people have responded to my recommendation and they all seem delighted for various reasons including; improved sleep and better recovery during a strenuous day. At the moment I have to admit I am a bit obsessed.
Customer services were also extremely helpful with my numerous queries post purchase.
The only negative I would say is that the washing instructions could have been a little more compehensive as I had to research this further.

Product Features

  • People who Ground their body regularly have reported the following - Sleep improvement-
  • They have also reported - Pain relief from Inflammatory illness, such as Arthritis
  • Can ease aching muscles, joint pain and may relieve headaches caused by stress etc..
  • Some have experienced an energy boost after a great night's sleep.May help protect against electromagnetic pollution - Resets your body clock
  • The Grounding Sheet is a cotton sheet with Medical Grade Pure Silver woven into a grid pattern, Silver is Anti Bacterial and an excellent conductor, As you sleepo negatively charged Electrons flow into your body, neutralising Free Radicals which cause pain from Inflammatory Diseases. For more info See Product Description Below...

Product descriptions
Description : In recent years an amazing health discovery has been made which is benefiting many people by relieving pain and improving inflammatory illness symptoms. Medical Research has shown that by 'Grounding' your body on a regular basis you help your body to reach its optimum state for better health. The health benefits can be enormous! Many people are 'Grounding' on a daily basis and reaping the benefits of a better health and lifestyle. The Grounding Bed Sheet is a cotton bed sheet, which has Pure Silver threads woven into a grid pattern in the cotton. Silver we use is Anti-bacterial and is an excellent conductor. The silver grid is connected to your Domestic Home Earth System. Hence when you lie on the bed sheet you are in direct contact with the Ground. As you sleep there is a constant supply of negatively charged Electrons flowing into your body. The Electrons neutralise the Positive Free Radicals, reducing Inflammation, reducing Pain. (Medical science has shown that Free radicals in your...

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