Art Deco Bronze Dancing Tiffany SALE

Art Deco Bronze Dancing Tiffany Lady Lamp

Art Deco Bronze Dancing Tiffany Lady Lamp

Stunningly beautiful.
This arrived extremely well packaged and very promptly. I had forgotten it came without a bulb but that was easily remedied. It looks very beautiful..both when lit and unlit. A stunning piece. Thank you.

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Description : A reproduction Tiffany table lamp which looks fabulous lit and unlit.  The shade contains dozens of pink, lilac, cream, ivory and apricot coloured pieces of glass. Mounted on a bronze / resin base. Height: 14" (35cm) / Length: 10" (25cm) Wattage: Requires a 40W bayonet bulb Please note that the lamp is made to UK specifications but can easily be used with a voltage transformer in other countries.

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