Alessi Michael Graves Whistling Bird Big Discount

Alessi Michael Graves Whistling Bird Kettle

Alessi Michael Graves Whistling Bird Kettle

I keep looking at it
This is an expensive kettle and so I was quite hesitant to buy it for some time. I thought to myself, essentially a kettle is just a functional item to boil water in and actually there was nothing wrong with the kettle that I already had. However, I recently relented because for me the design of this kettle is iconic. Now it's in my kitchen and I like it so much that I keep staring at it every time I pass through.

As a functional item the boil time for water is quick enough for my liking although a little more capacity would have been appreciated. No doubt in terms of these specifications alone there are better kettles out there.

But the point of this kettle for me is that I really like the look of it! It's a piece of art in my kitchen which does something useful too. I'm really glad that I bought this kettle.

Product Features

  • Alessi
  • Designer: Michael Graves
  • Dimensions : H: 22.5;
  • Capacity 200 cl

Product descriptions
Description : brand new Alessi Michael Graves Whistling Bird Kettle. This beautiful non electric kettle sits neatly on the hob Dimensions : H: 22.5; W: Capacity 200 cl Designed by Michael Graves, 1985 The kettle has a Blue handle and small Red bird-shaped whistle in PA. It has a stainless steel bottom. Gift Boxed Free UK Delivery.

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