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Extra Large Empress Jewellery Box Promo Offer

Extra Large Empress Jewellery Box / Jewel Case in Black Bonded Leather by Mele & Co

Amazing black leather BIG jewellery box!
I bought this leather jewellery box in the colour black for my daughter on Christmas as a present and she really loves it but so do I. I think it's best to buy it in the colour black as it won't get as dirty and it's a classic but that's your choice. I love the fact that the quality of the material of the box is really high however close you look at it as it's last longing and feels very expensive. At first my concerns were that the drawers were going to be a bit narrow for the jewellery to fit in but I was mistaken as the box is big so the size is perfect to fit any jewellery. In the description it said the box was big but honestly, it really is BIG (however not too big) and can fit a lot of various jewellery perfectly organised as each drawer / door has different sections to be able to hold any jewellery that you want to store in there wi…

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